The Story Of Kidaroo.

My name is Troy Chadwick.  I am the creator and designer of Kidaroo backpacks and lunchboxes.

Kidaroo is based in Orange County, California and was launched in August of 2015. 

This idea of Kidaroo started several years ago, stemming from what my wants were as a father and my needs were as a business owner of an online store called Nothing But Dinosaurs. ( which I launched four years ago.  Of all the products I have had, from toys and figures to shoes, shirts and backpacks from various manufacturers and distributors, the one area that I could not find what I really wanted “quality-wise” was backpacks.  The quality and variety of the dinosaur backpacks that were on the market were fair at best.  My customers felt the same way too, so I decided to design what I wanted for my kids and customers myself.  What started out as creating a set of backpacks for dinosaur lovers, evolved into something much bigger due to the most unique feature of this patent pending product that was created, the “Interchangeable” flaps.  It changed everything, resulting in the awesome product you see now.

Kidaroo currently offers 20 fully licensed vibrant designs that can be mixed and matched with five beautiful color base units.  More designs are in the works.  Additionally, the lunchbox attaches to the outside of the backpack with heavy-duty clips.  The lunchbox also comes with an adjustable strap so it can be toted around on your shoulder. Quality and comfort are also significant features making Kidaroo the obvious choice for a new and exciting product for kids that will last.

Kids LOVE Kidaroo and parents do too!  We receive amazing reviews from our customers who post them.

How will you Kidaroo?

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